The Hangman's Record
Volume One: 1868-1899
Volume Two: 1900-1929
Volume Three: 1930-1964

Murderous Bolton
First Edition
Owl Books 1994

Lancashire Murder Casebook
Countryside Books 1994

North Wales Murder Casebook
Countryside Books 1995

Cheshire Murder Casebook
Countryside Books 1996

Yorkshire Murder Casebook
Countryside Books 1997

Lancashire Tales of 
Mystery & Murder 
Countryside Books 2005

Pierrepoint: A Family of Executioners
John Blake 2006

The Executioner's Bible 
John Blake 2006

Hanged at Durham
Sutton Publishing 2007

Hanged at Pentonville
Sutton Publishing 2008

Hanged at Liverpool
History Press 2008

Hanged at Manchester
History Press 2008

Hanged at Leeds
History Press 2009

Hanged at Birmingham
History Press 2009

Hanged at Winchester
History Press 2010

Murderous Bolton
Revised and Expanded edition
Amberley Publishing 2009

More Murderous Bolton
Amberley Publishing 2010

Tales from The Hangman's Record
Volume One
Steve Fielding 2023